1. How long can I keep my dog in it?
    You should let your pet out of the dog carrier section of Pup To Go at least once an hour so he or she can stretch out with all fours on the ground. But that is very general advice. If it’s very hot outside maybe you’ll need to take more frequent breaks. A friendly reminder: The Pup To Go legs out front dog carrier is not meant to replace the methods you use to exercise your dog. It is designed to add versatility to the places you can go with your dog in a safe and fun way.

  2. Isn't walking better for my dog?
    Yes. Walking is great for dogs, and lots of it. But some situations do not lend themselves, or are not safe for leash walking. Pup To Go, because it is a hands free dog carrier, adds versatility to the kinds of places you can take your dog. It is not meant to replace exercising your dog.

  3. How do I keep it clean?
    Keeping your Pup To Go clean is easy because you can toss the dog carrier pouch and/or the harness right into the washer. Another nice feature is the removable pad that sits inside the carrier’s tail end. The removable pad is convenient because you may want to wash it more frequently than you do the harness or the carrier pouch.

  4. My dog is very fidgety. Would he/she like it?
    You know your dog best. We’ve seen some mildly fidgety dogs settle down and enjoy the comfort of being in a legs out front dog carrier and the security of being right there in front with their owner. But if your dog is super nervous or hyper, maybe the Pup To Go dog carrier is not for you.

  5. What does Luke like about it?
    First, Luke and I both love that we can hang out together now even more than ever before. And traveling at 5 feet off the ground, Luke adores all the new attention he gets from other dog lovers who stop to say hello when passing by. And because it's a hands free dog carrier (like a backpack style except the "cargo" is in front of you), I can go shopping and carry bags with no trouble at all.

  6. How do I choose the right size?
    Sizes are determined by various factors including your dog’s weight. Check out the Sizing Chart to find the best fit for your dog.

  7. What's the best way to put it on and take it off?

    How to put on Pup To Go if you are by yourself:

    • Safely secure the harness to yourself
    • Then, while your dog is standing, put the dog carrier pouch on him/her and fasten it (much like you would a coat).
    • Sit down with your dog in your lap and fasten the dog carrier pouch to the harness. And that’s it. You’re good to go.
    Watch the video here.

    How to put on Pup To Go if have a helper:
    • Secure the harness to yourself with the dog carrier pouch already attached.
    • Then have your helper place your pet in the dog carrier while you stand.
    Watch the video here.

  8. Can I wear my Pup To Go backwards, so that my dog is behind me?
    No. The unique design of the Pup To Go legs out front carrier is made only to be worn with your dog in front of you, up against your chest..

  9. Will this make my dog even more spoiled?
    Hello…Luke here. I’ll take this question.
    Now really, is this question for real? The obvious answer is of course it will. And so, what exactly is your point?

  10. Will my dog get too hot in it?
    The poly/spandex fabric of the dog carrier portion of Pup To Go is highly breathable, however, if it’s hot outside you’ll want to keep an eye on how your dog is tolerating the high temps. Stay in shaded areas as much as possible and be sure that you are carrying or have access to plenty of fresh water. And certainly take your dog out of the Pup To Go if he or she is too hot.

  11. Does it come in other colors?
    Right now the only color available is red. But we are planning to offer additional colors in the future. Please drop us an email and let us know what new color you’d like to see: luke@puptogo.com.

  12. Can it be used to carry a baby?
    No, it definitely cannot be used and is not designed or certified to carry a baby.

  13. Is it bad for my back?
    All of your dog's weight will be in front of you because Pup To Go is a legs out front dog carrier. Improper use (see Tips from Meena and Cie) may cause the owner to incur back problems. Please consult your physician first if you believe using the Pup To Go dog carrier may hurt your back. If you already have back problems, do not use the Pup To Go legs out front dog carrier.

  14. How can I send this as a gift to someone?
    During the checkout process you can opt to send Pup To Go as a gift, and we will gift wrap it for you.

  15. What stores can I buy this in?
    The Pup To Go legs out front dog carrier is not currently available at retail stores.

  16. If I buy more than one can I get some kind of discount?
    Sorry. At this time we are not offering volume discounts, although we may in the future. If you’d like to leave your contact info with us now, so we can let you know about volume discounts if/when they are offered, you can send it to us in confidence at questions@puptogo.com.

  17. What is your return policy? How long do I have to try it and see if it is right for me and my dog?
    You can return it or exchange it for another size within 30 days of the ship date on your packing slip. Here's how:
    • Email us at Luke@puptogo.com to arrange for the return or exchange (Please make sure your Pup To Go is in new condition to get a refund)
    • Ship the Pup To Go you are returning with the original sales receipt (required) to:

    Pup To Go, LLC
    Attn: LUKE
    PMB #208
    326 East 65th Street
    New York, NY 10065

    Allow 2-3 weeks for your refund to post to the credit card account used to make the original purchase.
    (See Return Policy for more details)