Pup To Go is a unique, hands-free dog carrier that allows owners and their small dogs to have more adventures together. You'll know right away how much attention to quality and detail went into designing the first high-end, legs out front dog carrier — Pup To Go. It's extra comfortable for both you and your dog and is easy to use. Pup to Go legs out front carrier comes in small, medium, & large. To ensure the best fit, please be sure to take note of all the dimensions as well as weight recommendations.


“My Mom created Pup To Go for me so she could be with me as much as humanly possible. As you might imagine, this 'About Us' section is well, mostly, all about me.”

Since getting my Pup To Go legs out front carrier, I now get to go on “tours” all over the city. You might say I have a whole new “leash” on life. Life is different from 5 feet off the ground. The sights, the sounds, even some smells…they’re all new and exciting to me.

Now I go almost everywhere with my Mom. That’s because my Pup To Go legs out front carrier is not just stylish but it's also comfortable for me and for my Mom . So it’s easy and fun for her to take me along. We used to go out for a couple hours at a time, but now we are often out together for the entire day.

I’ve seen Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. And shopping???  I could go on forever…..we love Coach, Bergdorf’s and definitely J. Crew!

So I get to go more places than ever before and stay home a lot less. I am with my favorite person and I get to expand my horizons. And if that isn’t enough, now I get more head rubs from the people we walk by than I ever did before. And Mom loves it when people tell her how cute we are.

If you don’t have a Pup To Go you should ask your Mom or Dad for one. Believe me, they will love it just as much as my Mom does.